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MUSIC REVIEW: mine Releases Addictive Debut EP “BLOOM”

via Jenny Schuster


Indie pop star-on-the-rise mine has just dropped “BLOOM” — an EP that explores her captivating journey of growth and finding self-acceptance. 

“BLOOM” is an adventure of mine coming into her own as an adult through her music. It is a true journey of self-discovery and finding inner confidence.

Each track is a continuation of mine’s story, delving deeper into her world. Her musicality takes heavily from her time at Berklee College of Music in Boston, as she left North Dakota to pursue music. mine explores her newfound self-love through sweet pop vocals, undulating sonic landscapes, preppy beats, and youthful synth tones. Her music is heavily reliant on themes of self-reflection and exploration.

Each song evolves like a blossoming flower:

We start off strong with the first song “WILD.” The song sets up the tone for the EP. We’re guided through the song with cheery tones and a soft piano accompaniment. Her light, airy (yet powerful and controlled) falsetto underscores her vocal talent. It is the perfect intro to an EP that explores the growing pains that come with pursuing a dream. 

The next song on the EP “GRAVE” explores how the world would be without death. This exciting pop-rock-inspired mix includes a flashy electric energetic guitar and hints of a cheerful bell-sounding synth. This track has juxtapositions with the instrumentation, accompanied by the lyrics “G-r-a-v-e you won’t find my body.”  

“BLOOM!” —the EP’s title track — is an ode to self-growth and moving on. This beautiful emotional melody moves like calm ocean waves to the chorus. Vocal harmonies flow to a calming breakdown, a perfect melodic reflection of what it feels like to follow your passions. 

“H20″ closes out this EP. It’s all about the process of self-acceptance, newfound freedom, and independence that come along with finding yourself. The bouncy bass, citrus synth textures, and nostalgic lead guitar sound like the end of a coming-of-age summer.

Between “WILD” and “H20,” the seasons change from a rainy spring to a sunny, self-discovery-filled summer. 

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