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MUSIC REVIEW: IOTA Releases Rock Anthem “Sometimes”


Bristol-based rock band IOTA releases their new single “Sometimes.” Vocalist Jodie Robinson’s emotions elevate “Sometimes” with sorrowful melodies and emotional vocals.

The track explores gratitude in a mournful way. Jodie experienced a loved one getting into a freak accident that could have changed her life, which amplified Jodie’s respect and appreciation towards that person in her life. The song is a love letter to her loved one and a reminder to “appreciate what you have before it’s too late.”

“Sometimes” is a punk ode to not taking your loved one for granted.

Recorded at Humm Studios, the single is impactful with angsty guitar chords, powerful drums, and overwhelmingly heartfelt lyrics. IOTA is inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, Soft Cult, No Doubt, Garbage, and Bring Me The Horizon. The influence of Bring Me The Horizon’s newer sound is strong on this track with the heart-wrenching vocal delivery with high-energy drums. The lyrics in “Sometimes” are a message we need to be reminded of sometimes.

The band’s Instagram bio reads “SAD ANGRY NOISES LOADING,” and that couldn’t be more true. “Sometimes” gives us a glimpse of that anger that is sure to weave its way onto their upcoming EP. Their debut single “My Enemy” may have paved the way for their sound, but this new tune truly underscores and captures the route that IOTA is destined to take.

We are so excited to hear more of what IOTA has in store for us next.

Check out “Sometimes,” out now!


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