• PHOTO GALLERY: Throwback to Emblem 3 at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles

    PHOTO GALLERY: Throwback to Emblem 3 at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles

    Did you miss Emblem 3‘s performance at Teragram Ballroom? Don’t worry! We have you covered. We’re taking a look back at that show and thinking about how our prayers were answered when E3 reunited.


  • MUSIC REVIEW: Get in Your Crush Feels with Alexander23’s New Single ”I Wanna Live Forever”

    MUSIC REVIEW: Get in Your Crush Feels with Alexander23’s New Single ”I Wanna Live Forever”

    Alexander23 showcases a happier side to his emotions when crushing on someone in his new single “I Wanna Live Forever”. The “IDK You Yet” singer is known for being emotionally vulnerable in his music, but this is a new side to him that hasn’t been showcased in his music before. “After years of writing sad songs and gravely worrying about my family and friends, I have decided that good times don’t always need to be safely kept in the moment.”


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    “I Wanna Live Forever” is the second single that Alexander23 has dropped this year. “How To Drive” dropped in January of this year, and showcased a bittersweet feeling of loneliness. Emotionally raw lyrics and instrumentals that complement it, it’s different from the new release.  While maintaining his feelings, the multitalented musical artist shows a more upbeat, hopeful, serotonin boost vibe.

    Starting off with classic acoustic guitar, the sound of drums picks up the beat. The chorus picks up more electronically with a very unique style of production. It is reminiscent of the level-up noise seen in video games, which captures happiness perfectly. This is honestly a really fun, refreshing sound that still flows seamlessly with the acoustics slowing back down into the verses. The lyricism also captures the emotions of quickly falling for someone perfectly.

    “This song is about falling in love all at once without concern for the next moment.” 

    Claiming to have written the song after going on a date with a woman, Alexander 23 showcases emotions like obsessively waiting for that person to text you back and also the feeling of them knowing you well. The single’s title appears in the chorus with the lyric, “I wanna live forever but no one can live that long.” The song finishes with “But nothing can live forever, I wanna die in your arms.”


  • MUSIC REVIEW: Lilac Haze Dropped a Killer Music Video for her Debut Double Singles “The Ghost That I Once Knew” and “Lilac Haze”

    MUSIC REVIEW: Lilac Haze Dropped a Killer Music Video for her Debut Double Singles “The Ghost That I Once Knew” and “Lilac Haze”

    It’s not often that an artist is daring enough to drop dual singles. Typically, only seasoned veterans of the industry are ambitious enough to do so. However, Lilac Haze has dove headfirst into her music release. Not only did she drop double singles, but she debuted with them.

    Lovers of hypnotic pop (not to be confused with hyperpop which is quite the opposite) are going to love these songs. Lilac Haze — also known as Katrina Swift — is classically trained. Honestly, if you ask us, classical training is so missed in music today. Understanding compositions and techniques on a deeper level creates music that has a focused and poised quality. In this case, Lilac Haze‘s control over her gentle voice allows the music to have a distinct sound.

    Double releases are certainly intentional… (Believe it or not, there was a method to Ed Sheeran’s dual drop of “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” in 2017). So, as you listen through Lilac Haze’s new songs, be sure to listen in a way that ties the two together. If you’re like us and love to pick apart at all of the little details and nuances, that’s how you’re going to get the best experience.

    You’ll do this naturally, though, so don’t stress. The music and instrumentals of one song flow flawlessly into the next. The soft elements of blues and a bit more pungent influences of soft modern pop are what make these songs something comforting to listen to. It feels like you’re falling into a clear world with a clear message. Lilac Haze created this moment for self-reflection.

    I felt unsure and lost in my new surroundings. It’s a reflection of the loss of innocence as we mature… a farewell to your old self,” she says about “The Ghost I Once Knew.”

    Now, for her namesake song, “Lilac Haze,” things were a little different. This one “is a song written for anyone who has been affected by loved ones lost to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

    These two different songs are tied together by their true and raw emotions nested into the writing. Between strong imagery and personal touches, these songs are for those who want to get lost in their own thoughts… in their own life-reflection.



  • Nessa Barrett Delivers an Incredible Performance at Terminal 5 Radiated Confidence, Power, & Raw Emotion

    Nessa Barrett Delivers an Incredible Performance at Terminal 5 Radiated Confidence, Power, & Raw Emotion

    When Nessa Barrett began putting out music with her single “Pain” in 2020, she became one of the first on a list of TikTok influencers that would start a musical journey. While many content creators have been known to move into music, only a small group of them have dared to venture into the alternative and emo subgenres.

    However, attention quickly moved off of her music and toward her personal life. TikTok drama can’t be kept a secret for long in Los Angeles. Rather than people talking about her music, they talked about her relationships. Nessa joined the ranks of talented female artists whose careers would begin to be reduced to their dating history.

    It was clear from the beginning that her music was going to be filled with genuine and deep emotion – not boy problems. She poured herself into the work, opening up about her experiences with mental illness including Borderline Personality Disorder and an eating disorder. Her honest approach to songwriting gave her an edge over her competition. She wasn’t letting the industry decide her next move… instead she was driven by authenticity in her life.

    That ability to tap into her feelings became incredibly evident with her release of the hit single “die first” in 2022. Nessa dedicated the track to her best friend, another social media personality named Cooper Noriega, who had passed away just before the song’s release, but we’ll come back to that.

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  • MUSIC REVIEW: Stop Stressing Over “Shitty People” with KTJ & CARLY’s New Single

    MUSIC REVIEW: Stop Stressing Over “Shitty People” with KTJ & CARLY’s New Single

    KTJ & Carly continue their journey with storytelling lyrics and catchy beats with their new single “Shitty People”.

    After seeing a handbag with the phrase “Stop Stressing Over Shitty People,” the duo was inspired to write a track that reflected on their own experiences pleasing others. The lyrics sound therapeutic, think of unleashing your thoughts in therapy which is typically chaotic. However, KTJ & CARLY seamlessly took these thoughts into a song. Taking intrusive thoughts of not being likable in platonic or romantic ways, feeling behind everyone else, or not being able to pay bills. The indie-pop duo turned thoughts that many people can resonate with into a well-constructed song.

    Unleashing frustrations can also be heard in the vocals. The vocals are beautiful and seamless, but also raw. Emotional exhaustion can be heard on top of the instrumentals reminiscent of a sad part of a movie. 

     In comparison to some of their other tracks which have electronic-sounding instrumentals, “Shitty People” is a ballad with tranquil piano instrumentals. It appears that the duo is experimenting, but also keeping their signature sound. Although this is not their first slower song, with “Soliloquy” on from their EP “Ego Death”, “Shitty People” shows a new side to KTJ & CARLY’s sound. Continuing to stay on brand with catchy melodies and insightful lyrics, KTJ & CARLY are expanding their sound without compromising what has already been built. “Shitty People” is a perfect addition to the collection of storytelling that KTJ & CARLY have under their belt.

    Their EP “Ego Death” was released prior to their first headlining tour in the summer of 2022. “Shitty People” is the first release for their next body of work, expected for release this summer.


  • Recapping Multi-Instrumentalist Daniel Seavey’s Solo Return to NYC

    Recapping Multi-Instrumentalist Daniel Seavey’s Solo Return to NYC

    If you would have told us in June that Daniel Seavey would be on a solo tour across the country, we wouldn’t have believed you.

    When Daniel Seavey’s band, Why Don’t We, went on a hiatus, the future of the individual band members was incredibly uncertain from an audience perspective. After all, they had been amping up to a tour across the country before the heartbreaking news. One question was on every fan’s mind: What’s next?

    In the moments leading up to the New York City date of the Introducing Daniel Seavey Tour, you could feel the anxiety tangible in the air. Fans may have seen clips of the concert online, but there’s something so different about being there in person. If they couldn’t have the sweet experience of Why Don’t We on tour, they would still have Daniel.

    However, the moment the show began, the idea that this would be a supplement for the Why Don’t We craze was immediately squashed.

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  • PHOTO GALLERY: State Champs Performs at Gothic Theater in Denver

    PHOTO GALLERY: State Champs Performs at Gothic Theater in Denver

    State Champs took the stage in Denver for their Kings Of A New Age tour. Check out these moments from the show.


  • MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Faded Love’ Is On Trend This Fall in Cade Hoppe’s Latest Single

    MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Faded Love’ Is On Trend This Fall in Cade Hoppe’s Latest Single

    “Faded love is coming back in style,” with a nostalgic sounding single from Cade Hoppe. Faded Love explores the confusing emotions of an on-again-off-again romance. Hoppe says, “just like how trends come back in style all the time and the world feels it’s like a little on edge, I think love does a similar thing sometimes.”

    The twenty-two-year-old quadruple threat showcases his songwriting with clever lyricism and metaphors to describe the emotions. Illustrating the old flame reignited romance with metaphors such as “You wore my t-shirt for a while, ‘Til you got sick of it, And now you want to live in it again.” Hoppes wordplay conveys powerful emotions that many will resonate with. “When an old love is rekindled it may be the best thing that ever happened to you… or it burns you worse the second time,” Hoppe says.

    Playing instruments and producing is a part of the indie-pop artist’s multiple talents that are showcased in this single. Hoppe co-produced the single with Indie-pop producer Harper James. The “distorted guitar lines” are complimented by Hoppes’ signature warm baritone vocals. 

    Hoppes’ musical influences such as Coldplay, The Killers, Taylor Swift, and Ben Folds can be heard in his inspired but still true to his sound. The New-York based singer and songwriter describe this song as a tribute to the songs that shaped him and “to all the songs that remind me of every iteration of myself that came before.”

    The track video on Spotify shows someone flipping through records, which is the perfect vibe to match the video. Faded Love reminisces a song you would hear in a music shop back in the day. 

    Faded Love expresses Cade Hoppe’s emotions, talent, musical influences, and personal growth. Like his many talents, he is able to tell complex stories through his art.


  • Maggie Lindemann Has Something to Say About Her New Album and So Do We

    Maggie Lindemann Has Something to Say About Her New Album and So Do We

    After being an alt-rock and pop-punk fan for as long as she can remember, Maggie Lindemann has finally released her own pop-punk album, SUCKERPUNCH. Like the title, the album showcases raw emotions out of nowhere and unexpectedly. Described as a more “elevated” version of her debut ep PARANOIA, which was released in 2021.

    Explaining how she felt that PARANOIA was an experience of figuring out who she is as a songwriter in this new genre she was stepping into, Lindemann goes on to say how she feels that prepped her for writing SUCKERPUNCH. She says “As a songwriter, for PARANOIA, I was getting into it, seeing what I liked, what I don’t like… how I like using words. Writing SUCKERPUNCH I tapped into that and let myself be more free to say the things I wanted to and freely create. Instead of trying to figure it out, I was already figured out.”  This evolution of Maggie Lindemann is something that listeners take away from listening to SUCKERPUNCH for the first time. She goes on to say, “I hope that people can see the evolution of myself and hear the growth in my writing and the production.”

    Details such as the track order and the visuals of the album are contributions to the story that Maggie Lindemann is telling. Each song has a corresponding lyric video or music video to show what Lindemann sees when she is writing songs. “Whenever I make music, I see things. I see the picture in my head. Making SUCKERPUNCH, I already had the music videos in mind. I already had some images in mind,” Lindemann explained. She goes on to talk about some of the concepts of the visuals corresponding to the album.

    The “break me” lyric video has fonts that look like a spider web. This subtle detail is intended to visualize being tangled and wrapped up, to carry a deeper meaning. On a more fun fresh note, the “cages” was heavily influenced by Avril Lavigne‘s “Sk8er Boy” music video. Unlike the “break me” video, the “cages” video does not hold any deep meaning, showing the different vibes of the album. 

    These different vibes of the album also tie into the storytelling of the album through the order of songs. Starting off with the perfect flow of the intro to “take me nowhere”, listeners are encouraged to listen to the album in full and in order. Focusing on the frustration of a situation, the angst of “take me nowhere” is a good start to the story that is intended to be told. Lindemann describes the intent of the order by saying, “I wanted it to be a progression of being upset, angry and sad, then happy, then going through a bad relationship. Then towards the end, it gets like ‘how could you do this to me?’ which is more about you taking back the power. Then the final song is ‘cages’ which is supposed to leave you with hope.” With the fun and free concept of the “cages” video already discussed, the story that Maggie Lindemann is telling is clear through the lyrics, visuals, and emotion of her voice.

    Listening to the album, the intent and message are beautifully told in every detail. You can hear the anger and frustration at the beginning of the album with tracks like “take me nowhere” and “self sabotage”. Described as one of the most self-reflective songs on the album, “self sabotage” showcases the frustration of ruining things for yourself because of letting anxiety get the best of you. On top of the lyrics, details in the production such as the glitches that can be heard in the song contribute to the storytelling. Following “self sabotage” is “phases”  and “i’m so lonely with you” reflecting the bad relationship journey of the album. Towards the end of the album is “hear me out” which not only illustrates the “how could you do this to me” part of the album, but Lindemann said that it is the most emotional to her and means the most. Finishing off with the very hyped-up track “cages” gives an important message of being independent and healed. From being wrapped up in a spiderweb in “break me”, to the lyric “lions aren’t meant for cages” shows the progression of emotion and growth intended.

    The “Pretty Girl” singer also opened up about what made her switch genres. Growing up in a family who loves metal music, Lindemann finally started to dip her toes into the alt-rock and pop-punk scene recently after being in the music industry since 2015/2016. She explains that this came to be at a time while on tour when inconveniences happened that made her question where she was at with her career.

    She describes that the “resurgence” of pop-punk happened shortly after this realization of hers, which she says felt like “divine timing”. One thing made clear was the genre might’ve changed, but Maggie Lindemann has not, she is just now expressing a different side of herself. Lindemann touched on this by saying, “A lot of people don’t realize, I am the same person that I was, I just had this mask up. I was listening to the same stuff that I am now and still have all the same interests, I was just presenting myself in a different way.” 

    Releasing a debut album is not the only new experience for Maggie Lindeman, the singer is headlining her first ever headline shows taking place in Los Angeles and New York this fall. At said headlining shows, PARANOIA and SUCKERPUNCH will be performed live for the first time.


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  • PHOTO GALLERY: DREAMERS Takes Over Fonda Theater in Los Angeles

    PHOTO GALLERY: DREAMERS Takes Over Fonda Theater in Los Angeles

    Pop rock duo DREAMERS wrapped up their No More Bad Days Tour at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

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