Spencer Sutherland talks about living out his dreams after an outstanding sold out New York City headlining show

Electric. Passion. Poise. I’ve seen fans eager and excited to see a musician, but I’ve never been able to see so many fans bound together in a way like this and send a collective and unified message of love. Honestly, though, Spencer Sutherland sends that love right back to them. It radiates through every move he makes, every note he hits, and every song he sings. When I had the chance to talk to Spencer backstage after the show, he talked about his fans in a way of absolute admiration and wonder.

A lot of musicians will thank their fans in public, but that will be it. For Spencer though, the fans really are everything. Victoria, a fan attending the show, told me:  “If you’ve ever met him you know that he’s so sweet and he means it and you know he means it.”


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