When Ali sent Alex a message on Twitter asking to be friends, they didn’t know they would end up here– combining their talents to give the ‘fangirl’ perspective on music and entertainment. After meeting for the first time in person while also meeting a boy band, Ali and Alex became best friends and started traveling together across the country. By working nonstop and putting together the content that they would want to see as genuine fans, they’ve managed to create something unique in a world of endless media.

Ali and Alex Blogs is their joint project to elevate the voices of fans everywhere. We create original content and partner with other publications to bring you content about all of your favorite musicians and stars!

Since starting in 2019, Ali and Alex Blogs has expanded rapidly. Occasionally, the brand is open to bringing on guest contributors to aid in our organic content. If you’re interested in joining our team, email aliandalexblogs@gmail.com

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