Inside the Mind of a Fangirl: From Groupies to a Global Community

Something about teenage adrenaline and the hard-pressed desire to travel has made the long-standing tradition of the “groupie” possible. Over time, the word has come and gone, but the sentiment always remains. Now, rebranded as “fangirls”, this community is just as strong as ever, each fan reflecting a different artist or group.

In the minds of many, groupies tend to come along with the hard hustle of the 60s through the 80s rock scene. Following a rock group was the highlight of many teenagers’ summers while other shrieking girls were stereotyped as having pop musicians’ glitter posters on their walls. There seems, however, to be a renaissance in this mindset in the resurgence of this culture and community and a strange mingling of the two stereotypes. It’s slowly subsided into something that is just a bit different and perhaps merged by the prevalence of internet communities.


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