Spencer Sutherland Dominates Brooklyn with an Awe-Inspiring and Energy-Filled Show

On his first run on his own, Spencer Sutherland was selling out the Mercury Lounge in Bowery. This time, on his first full cross-country headlining tour, he has upgraded to the Knitting Factory, a venue staple for any artist on the come-up. Spencer has consistently been the sort of musician that will amaze any crowd with not just his raw energy, but his amazing talent.

He’s the type that leaves you in awe as you think “he shouldn’t be the next big thing… he should be the thing right now.” It’s not Sutherland’s goal to blow up with one hit. “I consider myself sort of like a longer game artist. I don’t really wanna have one song that blows up and be done. I want to be doing this for the rest of my life,” he says.

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