Taylor Grey is the Role Model that All Women Need Right Now [Interview]

ON A LINE UP OF ALL MEN, TAYLOR GREY EMBODIED EVERYTHING THAT THE PREDOMINATELY YOUNG FEMALE FANS OF WHY DON’T WE NEEDED AND DESERVED TO SEE. Mohegan Sun Arena was packed with fans eager to see the boy-band they had come for, but before that, Taylor took the stage to open and she did so with talent, passion, and a clear desire to inspire.

It was endlessly important to see this sort of representation and Taylor took on the responsibility so well. “The fans are largely female so I get to meet a lot of cool young women every single day,” she said. Taylor noted: “It can definitely feel like a boys’ club sometimes.” While she said that the men she’s toured with have never been mean to her, just being a woman in an industry like this has some ups and downs.

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