Chelsea Cutler Explains How To Be Human During Her Insightful And Visionary Tour | The New Nine

The How to Be Human tour was just that: A display of life in and of its complexity and the flash of a common thread that connects each of us.

Chelsea Cutler’s Terminal 5 show on February 29th, dominated the Saturday night vibes in New York City. Her show was the place to be in Manhattan that night, having sold out that date and the following show (which was only a few days later).

For years now, Chelsea has been disrupting the underground music scene, building a coalition and base of dedicated followers who connect to her in a way that is more than just music. Her exploration of self on her latest album and the subsequent tour has brought her to the next level. No longer an underground artist and growing into the mainstream, she’s attracted a wide and diverse collection of fans who all have that one underlying connection: humanity… which is good, bad, and ultimately beautifully imperfect.

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