REVIEW: Chase Atlantic’s BEAUTY IN DEATH showcases their trademark sound undercut with alt-rock inspired flare

I’m pretty confident many of us would give anything to feel the high of summer 2019 all over again.

For myself and Ali that looked like long drives in her white Jeep Wrangler, following the electric energy and buzz of tour after tour. We’d spend our days racing against the sun as the sticky macadam raced underneath us, making it to venues at nightfall. We saw the inside of green rooms for interviews and then were jammed into spaces packed wall to wall with energized fans, eager to see their idols grace the stage in front of them. When we weren’t on the road, we were exploring New York City, happy to be alive and traversing the streets so many sought to walk. Those rare moments between tours were our rest, but they also felt too empty because in the summer concerts were our home.

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