MUSIC REVIEW: Valentina Murra’s Drops “Pray For The Night” Leaving Us Stunned

Exploring a rollercoaster of powerful emotions, Valentina Murra uses soft and relaxing vocals and beats to portray these emotions in Pop/R&B track “Pray For The Night”.

The track explores self-reflection over a week of emotional highs and lows. From beginning to end, a beautiful story is told of pondering interior emotions & battles as well as their exterior with how others view them. The lyrical balance showcases overwhelming emotions someone may experience in a very comforting way. 

Murra’s musical influences such as JP Saxe, Lana Del Rey, Amy Whinehouse, and The Neighbourhood can be heard in this track. While having these influences, the vulnerability of “Pray For The Night” makes Valentina Murra stand out as an artist. While these artists that many of us know and love influence Murra, she credits her grandmother as her main musical influence.

After moving to the United States at the age of five from the birthplace of Bogotá, Columbia, Murra then moved to Los Angeles at the age of seventeen to pursue music and acting. With many talents such as singing, songwriting, piano playing, and acting, Valentina Murra showcases the power she has as a creative artist in “Pray For The Night”. Her raw and personal emotional thoughts are reminiscent of a journey you would see in a show or a movie but instead compressed into a couple of minutes of music. While playing characters as an actress and telling others’ stories, “Pray for the Night” proves that Valentina Murra can tell her own story as a singer-songwriter.


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