MUSIC REVIEW: “Breathe” with Airyen Vay as She Drops Her New Song

With musical inspiration from multiple genres such as R&B, soul, and pop, singer-songwriter Airyen Vay shares a powerful message about standing up for yourself in “Breathe.”

The influence of these genres in the song is incredibly present, bolstering the song’s power. With soul-like lyrics and melodies, and pop instrumental, the genre influence is very cohesive. The song contains a strong message of feeling free and comfortable in your own skin

Starting the song are deep breaths, a very clever detail complimenting the title. The effortless vocals and soothing instrumental are calm and relaxing. Airyen truly knows how to immerse the listener into a feeling rather than just a song. She takes us on a journey of relaxation as we get a peek into her world.

The cover art shows what appears to be a march with posters including messages for equality. This contributes to the message of equality, unity, human rights, and freedom that Airyen Vay wants to show her audience. This being her message as an artist, “Breathe.” This single is a great welcome to new listeners of Airyen Vay. 

A message of unity and equality is also conveyed in the lyrics. “They say we’re young, What a crazy way of life, To them it’s black and white,” Airyen sings in the song. These lyrics stuck with me. Airyen pours herself into this song and provides listeners with an uplifting and comforting message.

“You have worked so hard, You’ve come so far,” she adds reassuringly in the song. Addressing negatives in the beginning, then following with comforting words is such a beautiful way of telling a story.

Airyen Vay is working on her debut album, which she hopes listeners have high expectations for. Considering so much detail was put into one song, the album will be a must-listen. “Breathe” shows Airyen Vay’s potential as an artist, and as someone who can use their art to influence positive and powerful messages. 

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