MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Faded Love’ Is On Trend This Fall in Cade Hoppe’s Latest Single

“Faded love is coming back in style,” with a nostalgic sounding single from Cade Hoppe. Faded Love explores the confusing emotions of an on-again-off-again romance. Hoppe says, “just like how trends come back in style all the time and the world feels it’s like a little on edge, I think love does a similar thing sometimes.”

The twenty-two-year-old quadruple threat showcases his songwriting with clever lyricism and metaphors to describe the emotions. Illustrating the old flame reignited romance with metaphors such as “You wore my t-shirt for a while, ‘Til you got sick of it, And now you want to live in it again.” Hoppes wordplay conveys powerful emotions that many will resonate with. “When an old love is rekindled it may be the best thing that ever happened to you… or it burns you worse the second time,” Hoppe says.

Playing instruments and producing is a part of the indie-pop artist’s multiple talents that are showcased in this single. Hoppe co-produced the single with Indie-pop producer Harper James. The “distorted guitar lines” are complimented by Hoppes’ signature warm baritone vocals. 

Hoppes’ musical influences such as Coldplay, The Killers, Taylor Swift, and Ben Folds can be heard in his inspired but still true to his sound. The New-York based singer and songwriter describe this song as a tribute to the songs that shaped him and “to all the songs that remind me of every iteration of myself that came before.”

The track video on Spotify shows someone flipping through records, which is the perfect vibe to match the video. Faded Love reminisces a song you would hear in a music shop back in the day. 

Faded Love expresses Cade Hoppe’s emotions, talent, musical influences, and personal growth. Like his many talents, he is able to tell complex stories through his art.


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