MUSIC REVIEW: Get in Your Crush Feels with Alexander23’s New Single ”I Wanna Live Forever”

Alexander23 showcases a happier side to his emotions when crushing on someone in his new single “I Wanna Live Forever”. The “IDK You Yet” singer is known for being emotionally vulnerable in his music, but this is a new side to him that hasn’t been showcased in his music before. “After years of writing sad songs and gravely worrying about my family and friends, I have decided that good times don’t always need to be safely kept in the moment.”


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“I Wanna Live Forever” is the second single that Alexander23 has dropped this year. “How To Drive” dropped in January of this year, and showcased a bittersweet feeling of loneliness. Emotionally raw lyrics and instrumentals that complement it, it’s different from the new release.  While maintaining his feelings, the multitalented musical artist shows a more upbeat, hopeful, serotonin boost vibe.

Starting off with classic acoustic guitar, the sound of drums picks up the beat. The chorus picks up more electronically with a very unique style of production. It is reminiscent of the level-up noise seen in video games, which captures happiness perfectly. This is honestly a really fun, refreshing sound that still flows seamlessly with the acoustics slowing back down into the verses. The lyricism also captures the emotions of quickly falling for someone perfectly.

“This song is about falling in love all at once without concern for the next moment.” 

Claiming to have written the song after going on a date with a woman, Alexander 23 showcases emotions like obsessively waiting for that person to text you back and also the feeling of them knowing you well. The single’s title appears in the chorus with the lyric, “I wanna live forever but no one can live that long.” The song finishes with “But nothing can live forever, I wanna die in your arms.”


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