Kyler St. Phard Releases Debut Daydreamy Single “Here’s To”

If you’re looking for your next favorite heartbreak pop tune, you’ve found it.

Years of songwriting, learning, and dreaming have led 20-year-old Kyler St. Phard to release her first single “Here’s To.” The song explores young, unrequited love without a sense of bitterness, but rather in a way of acceptance.

Whereas so many songs churning through the pop world that are full of anger and resentment, always looking for an outlet for revenge, St. Phard’s single is a breath of fresh air full of growing and celebrating getting over heartbreak in a much more healthy way. Despite being 20 years old now, St. Phard wrote the song at 16. This gives an added shock to her ability to handle these emotions with grace and maturity.

She explains that writing is part of her healing process. “It felt good to be writing,” she says. “It made me feel free and safe and it gave me a way to let all of that out.”

St. Phard’s single showcases her control over her soft, endearing voice. As far as a debut single goes, it greets fans for the first time and shows promise for the future. Moreover, her storytelling is highlighted in the lyrics.

“When I met him, it felt like he really saw me,” St. Phard explains the love that led to this inevitable release. “I spent all of my time thinking about this boy who didn’t feel the same way.”

Here’s to not thinking about you…

In her single, she is both healing and celebrating in a way that shows that process is not always perfectly linear, but still, one to celebrate. “I was on this emotional rollercoaster,” she says.

While this is the first single from St. Phard, it certainly won’t be the last. She hints at a possible EP in the future and a dream to tour soon. In the meantime, we have “Here’s To” giving us butterflies and taking us back to our first loves.

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