“I Would Have Given You the Moon” is Peach Martine’s Latest Heartbreaking Track and We Love It

Peach Martine has quickly become more than just another pop artist on the rise.

A new song from the former “American Idol” contestant is out now. “I Would Have Given You the Moon” is a very captivating and tranquil take on the pain of losing someone. Moreover, the track showcases something beyond her whimsical songwriting. Peach shows us even more of her beautiful voice that pairs perfectly with a song of this nature. She gives us a sound that is something of a new-age Adele mixed with Sabrina Carpenter.

When Peach first came on our radar, we had “POSTER KID” on blast, resonating far too much with every lyric. Something about her ability to translate her very personal experiences into wider universal feelings struck us with a fond appreciation for Peach’s work. Taking a deeper dive into Peach’s music, it’s clear to see that this sort of realism undercut with poetry is not uncommon for her. In fact, in most of her discography, you’ll find this recurring artistry.

Peach’s album Love, Peach has proven itself extremely successful, but more than that: it’s beautiful. Songs like “Poem to Myself 5 Years Ago” and “Scared of Getting Old” reveal to fans the intricacies of aging in a world that is difficult to navigate. Peach’s music centers often on the concept of “self” and understanding yourself flaws and all. It’s created out of true and real emotion that is communicated so clearly to every listener, who connects instantly.

With this new song out, we just had to talk with Peach about her career, musical inspiration and more. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: When and how did you first know you wanted to pursue music as your career?

Peach: Music has always been my one true love. When I was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” as a child, I’ve always said “a rockstar.” I’ve always felt like entertaining people was my purpose. Songwriting is my passion and my therapy, and I feel the most at home on stage in front of an audience.

Q: What has been like to take a song that originally blew up online and transition it into a fully produced piece for release? Was there pressure to make sure it was done right since it was something the fans had expectations of?

Peach: I try to capture the emotion that the original videos hold, and multiply it by a thousand. Production is amazing in that way; it enhances everything that I try to get across with just vocals and keys. I ask my followers for a lot of help in the production process, and I absolutely adore co-producing with the fantastic producers I’ve gotten the pleasure of working with. I think once a song goes viral, you can’t change the melody, chords, or lyrics, because fans have already approved and attached to those elements. I’ll usually just add instruments and harmonies and really try to keep the integrity of what I’ve written and shared online.

Q: Walk us through your Idol experience. What was the biggest thing you took away and do you have any regrets about that time in your life?

Peach: American Idol was a whirlwind. I was invited on the show when I was 16, and I was shocked at how different the experience was from how I expected it to be. Somehow, even though it was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life thus far, I walked out of the televised audition room more confident than ever. I had a golden ticket in my hand and a compliment on my songwriting from Lionel Richie. Throughout my Idol experience, Lionel Richie really believed in me. In my (unaired) second round, he joined the audience of other contestants in giving me a standing ovation, and I was shocked and elated. I’ll never forget that. I don’t have any regrets from it because I did my very best and got super lucky with being favored by the producers, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to other artists.

Q: What sets your music apart from the rest in the current pop-sphere?

Peach: I think the rawness of my lyrics. Nothing is vague, nothing is sugar coated to be ‘commercial.’ My songwriting is who I am in my most vulnerable state. My lyrics are my truth, whether I’m writing about my love life, experiences, mental health, grief, beliefs, opinions, or emotions. I also am HEAVILY influenced by the best of classic rock, which I grew up listening to. I try to channel the theatricality of Queen, the stylishness of the Stones, the boldness of Zeppelin, and all my favorite characteristics of my rock and roll heroes.

Q: What are you hoping people take away from your music overall and, particularly, your latest release “I Would Have Given You the Moon”?

Peach: I want anyone who’s listened to “I Would Have Given You the Moon” to feel comforted. It’s such an emotional song. When writing it, I couldn’t imagine the hundreds of thousands of viewers that somehow found it to relate to it as much as they have. The song is about rejection and hurt, but it’s also about hating a part of who you are because you’re comparing yourself to someone who you think is ‘better’ than you. I’m so happy that my music makes people feel understood.

Q: Prior to this release, one of your most successful songs was “POSTER KID”, what was it like to transition to this slightly different tempo and sound? Is there one song that you would say is more indicative of what to expect in the future?

Peach: Regardless of the sound, vibe, or tempo of my songs, they’re all just me. They’re little parts of my soul that I’m kind of setting free in case anyone needs them. Releasing “POSTER KID” was terrifying, because I felt like I was exposing to the world how bad my mental health can be, even though I was making fun of myself for it. I think both songs are extremely personal yet relatable. My next single, Romeo and Juliet (out March 11th) has the pop-punk production and sarcastic lyricism of “POSTER KID” while having the upfront romance of “I Would Have Given You the Moon.” I’m so excited to see how my listeners react to it.

Q: Much of your music, including “POSTER KID” and “I Would Have Given You the Moon” seem to be both deeply personal, but sadly generally relatable songs. Where do you draw inspiration from? Is it all from your own experiences or is there an element of storytelling from others?

Peach: I draw inspiration from EVERYWHERE. My life, the stories I make up in my head, my friends’ lives. Literally anything that sparks my interest for long enough that I have to write it down. My favorite songs that I’ve written so far are pure storytelling, and you’ll hear a lot of them on the upcoming album.

Q: Walk us through the songwriting process for “I Would Have Given You the Moon” and your writing process overall.

Peach: Lyrics first, almost always. I write down the lyrics and dream up a melody as I get them down on paper and can sound out the syllables. Once I have at least a verse, pre chorus, and chorus, I’ll sit at the piano and match it up to chords. I’ll flesh out the song a bit more, and then post it online to see if my followers connect with it. This all usually happens within a few days, but “I Would Have Given You the Moon” went from an idea to a fully written song in about a half-hour, and it was posted on TikTok immediately.

Q: Where do you see yourself growing from here?

Peach: These singles I’m releasing now are leading up to my first album! I’m SO excited to finish it up and release it. I’ve got huge goals for my career and I’m working hard every day to be the best artist I can be in order to achieve them.

You can listen to “I Would Have Given You the Moon” on all platforms now.


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