Flor Sparks a Light of Hope for Fans in Philadelphia

2022 is shaping up to be Flor’s biggest year yet. The band just wrapped up a tour with the pop-rock group The Band CAMINO, dropped a brand new album, and is set to play Firefly in September.

The last we saw Flor, it was late 2019 and the world was quite a bit different. With ignorance in our hearts, we took in all of the love that the band poured out onto Webster Hall’s stage. On April 30th, 2022 at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, we experienced that same sort of vibrancy that filled the room. Flor hadn’t lost their spark during the dark world of the pandemic.

Ricocheting off the venue’s walls was the fans’ electrifying energy and eager anticipation that comes with any final show of a tour. A band of emotion, Flor was able to capture the essence of their crowd and deliver it back through their charming music. 

Each member brought to the table their own unique understanding of music. There wasn’t a “weakest” link or a member who seemed a haphazard addition for the sake of another instrument. Flor’s pop music was deep with purpose, starting with the members themselves. Individually, they were talented, but the way they were able to blend their sound with ease made them masterful.

Flor attracts an eccentric crowd. It isn’t necessarily that the individuals are eccentric, but rather the collective. The band creates music for anyone at any stage of their life to find solace in. When performing, they pair songs meant to bring your spirits up with deeply reflective ones making you consider what that spirit even means. As such, their fans — a deeply passionate group of people — come in every shape and size. Unlike so many bands, they don’t attract a cookie-cutter audience.

When you have so many different demographics mixed together, it isn’t necessarily easy to perform a show that can connect with everyone. Nonetheless, Flor had effortless control over their crowd — helping them all to find common ground through their music. 

Everyone was lost in a slice of peace delivered to them through this pop band. Those around the bar let the music wash over them as they danced to the night’s sound. Fans holding onto the barricade were starry-eyed with glee. My best friend saw her favorite band and felt a glimmer of hope before she cried.

That’s what Flor is for people, though. They’re a band that is what people need in the moment and that’s different for everyone.

We left the show knowing they would only grow from here. The tour was closing, but when a band has this much powerful music, it means they’d find their next adventure soon. It was the blend of musical talent, passion, and extreme understanding of the human condition that leaves us to believe that Flor will be leaving a mark on the industry for a long time to come.

Photos by Ali Fitzgerald:



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