Lauv’s “All 4 Nothing” Showcases A Journey of Fifty Percent Healing, Fifty Percent Partying

lauv all 4 nothing

Already having a reputation for being open about emotions and mental health, Lauv is more vulnerable and unfiltered than ever in his latest album All 4 Nothing.

“Part of what I was searching for in making this album was like getting in touch with my inner child and just feeling stress-free, fun, and loving,” says Lauv. This is evident in “Kids Are Born Stars,” which captures inner child healing. 

The “I Like Me Better” singer also touches on his journey of healing emptiness by finding his light and rebuilding his confidence. He remembers the early stages of starting the album. In his own words: “feeling very anxious all of the time, I didn’t trust myself, I didn’t think I deserved happiness inherently, and I was always chasing something.”

This time was also described as “fifty percent healing and fifty percent party,” which is reflected in the album by showcasing the highs and lows on this journey to regain confidence.

Regarding production, Lauv reached for something different in this album compared to his past projects. He says: “I had a few different friends of mine that I really trust as producers, that kind of brought in some new sounds and some new vibes for me”.

This album was more fluid for the songwriter. He focused on a freestyle approach. “On ‘Better Than This,’ in the verses, I just feel like the lyrics are a lot more off the cuff because they came from this freestyle place,” he explains.

Lauv said that his personal favorite track off the album is “Bad Trip”, which he is most excited to perform live along with “Molly in Mexico” on his upcoming tour. “Molly in Mexico” and “Bad Trip” are two of the most notable songs on the album. These songs are lyrically darker. Lauv moves away from polished pop and into that darker space.

From his own words to the way he could be seen jamming while some of the tracks were playing, it is obvious that Lauv is proud of his self-growth and how it is captured in this album.

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