MUSIC REVIEW: Kasper Keeps Her “Composure” with New Single

kasper composure

Upcoming pop rock sensation Kasper releases her new single “Composure.” This captivating new single is heavily inspired by early 2000s pop-punk.

The single explores themes of the reality of the modern dating scene with lyrics, “We’re getting closer, don’t lose composure because you don’t care if the whole world stops and stares.”

“Composure” presents a relatable story of what it’s like to date as a young adult through the lens of a common love trope: daydreaming about your crush and not wanting to wear your heart on your sleeve. Meanwhile, your crush doesn’t mind if everyone knows their feelings towards you.

The guitar sounds nostalgic (probably as a result of the 2000s music influence) while the drums sound exhilarating and spunky. The alto vocals add a smooth and dreamy contrast. The song could easily be placed in a movie like 10 Things I Hate About You or Freaky Friday.

If you were in love with Avril Lavinge, early Paramore, and Blink-182, then you’ll connect with Kasper’s music automatically. That just-slightly alt feeling that can still fit comfortably on the radio is ever-present in Kasper’s work.

“Composure depicts the excitement and butterflies at the beginning of a new connection,” says Michelle Gorman who we have come to adore by her stage name of Kasper. “It can be tricky to maintain composure when not knowing if the other person likes you back.”

We are excited to see what else New York native Kasper has in store for us next.

Check out the song and music video out now! See more music reviews from Ali & Alex Blogs here. 


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