MUSIC REVIEW: Beat Stu’s Skankin Debut EP is a Must Listen

Beat Stu‘s debut EP “First is the Worst” is out now. The ska-punk band is turning their live show momentum into streaming success. They have gone from playing at New Jersey bars to the infamous Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Beat Stu has been inspired by the band’s Reel Big Fish, Operation Ivy, and Mustard Plug.

The EP demonstrates the band’s versatility from performing live to recording in a studio. “First is the Worst is about distracting yourself from the realities of life and giving our audience a break from how depressing things can be. We want people to let loose, skank, and have some fun” says Jacob Rubenstein, bass player of Beat Stu.

“First is the Worst” starts off with the monstrous single “Monster in Disguise.” The band keeps to a traditional ska sound with a joyful melody. The song starts subtly with a bouncy bass line and then takes off from there. The instrumentation juxtaposes the lyrics with bright sounds mixed with break-up-inspired lyrics.

“Kevin,” the third track, is a fan favorite. The lead guitar builds up to the very ska rhythm guitar. The song is about how everyone knows a “Kevin,” the same idea as a Karen. The song is fun, energetic, and lighthearted.

“Romeo and Juliet,” a song inspired by Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights” finishes off the EP. As a classical music lover, this one is my personal favorite. The horn parts keep to the traditional chord progressions while the guitar stays within the ska style.

The band’s next show is at The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ.

Check out “First is the Worst,” out now!


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