MUSIC REVIEW: Semi-Rotted Releases EP “Deader Than Dead”

Death metal band Semi-Rotted has released their tortured debut album “Deader Than Dead.” Semi-Rotted’s blood-curdling sound is enriched with old-school death metal style.

The Las Vegas, Nevada band’s sound came from lead vocalist Spencer’s love for metal in high school. From Slayer to Death and Obituary, his love for death metal became solidified. After playing drums for sold-out arena tours with the legendary metal band Five Finger Death Punch, Spencer fell in love with death metal all over again.

Spencer’s found again love for death metal became the EP “Deader Than Dead.”

The EP starts off strong with “Shotgun Symphony.” The track starts off with a guitar sound trailing off. Suddenly, there are fierce, punchy drums. The intro to the single will get any metal fan headbanging. Spencer’s vocals are raw and raspy in all the best ways. The guitar and drums are as traditional death metal as it comes.

The second track is my personal favorite, “Torture Congregation” ft. Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos. The rhythm is energetic and bouncy in the guitar accompanied by many vocal layers between both vocalists. The breakdown has the exact energy needed for a mosh pit.

“I kept hearing Lorna Shore on Liquid Metal and on playlists,” vocalist Spencer recalls. “Will does really unique things with his voice. It’s amazing. When they were in Las Vegas, I went to the show, and I was blown away. We reached out, and Will sent back his vocal in like two days. He’s at the top of the genre. It’s a killer collaboration.”

Next, we sink our teeth into “Hammer Teeth.” It starts off lively like an epilogue to the second song. Then it begins to pace itself. The breakdown includes unique glass sounds accompanied by the drums.

Check out “Deader Than Dead” out now!

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