Best Bear Stands Out with Colorful NYC Debut

Indie/pop band Best Bear rocked the night away in NYC. Walking into a venue I was like a deer in headlights. It was dark but the lights were bright. The stage was barely a foot away from my face in the remote bar and venue Rockwood Music Hall. The Lower Eastside venue stage was packed with friends and fans who came out to support the band. The crowd was energetic full and of dancing and cheering. A few nights before, Best Bear played in Philly and Trenton, NJ. Best Bear made a strong debut on the NYC stage with their songs “Peaches and Cream,” and “Gaslighter.”

The band kept a closeness with fans with talks in between songs about Philly and how they managed to go on tour. Truthfully, touring is a real commitment. Vocalist and guitarist Blue mentioned how she sold her guitar and car to pay for the tour. This made it clear that for Best Bear, performing was a priority and passion.

Unfortunately, the band’s bassist was unable to attend.

Even with obstacles, the band rocked the crowd and completely shined when they could have struggled. Best Bear is a band I will be seeing again.

Tour life = best life. Here are some of the best tour moments.


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