Recapping Multi-Instrumentalist Daniel Seavey’s Solo Return to NYC

daniel seavey

If you would have told us in June that Daniel Seavey would be on a solo tour across the country, we wouldn’t have believed you.

When Daniel Seavey’s band, Why Don’t We, went on a hiatus, the future of the individual band members was incredibly uncertain from an audience perspective. After all, they had been amping up to a tour across the country before the heartbreaking news. One question was on every fan’s mind: What’s next?

In the moments leading up to the New York City date of the Introducing Daniel Seavey Tour, you could feel the anxiety tangible in the air. Fans may have seen clips of the concert online, but there’s something so different about being there in person. If they couldn’t have the sweet experience of Why Don’t We on tour, they would still have Daniel.

However, the moment the show began, the idea that this would be a supplement for the Why Don’t We craze was immediately squashed.

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