MUSIC REVIEW: Stop Stressing Over “Shitty People” with KTJ & CARLY’s New Single

KTJ & Carly

KTJ & Carly continue their journey with storytelling lyrics and catchy beats with their new single “Shitty People”.

After seeing a handbag with the phrase “Stop Stressing Over Shitty People,” the duo was inspired to write a track that reflected on their own experiences pleasing others. The lyrics sound therapeutic, think of unleashing your thoughts in therapy which is typically chaotic. However, KTJ & CARLY seamlessly took these thoughts into a song. Taking intrusive thoughts of not being likable in platonic or romantic ways, feeling behind everyone else, or not being able to pay bills. The indie-pop duo turned thoughts that many people can resonate with into a well-constructed song.

Unleashing frustrations can also be heard in the vocals. The vocals are beautiful and seamless, but also raw. Emotional exhaustion can be heard on top of the instrumentals reminiscent of a sad part of a movie. 

 In comparison to some of their other tracks which have electronic-sounding instrumentals, “Shitty People” is a ballad with tranquil piano instrumentals. It appears that the duo is experimenting, but also keeping their signature sound. Although this is not their first slower song, with “Soliloquy” on from their EP “Ego Death”, “Shitty People” shows a new side to KTJ & CARLY’s sound. Continuing to stay on brand with catchy melodies and insightful lyrics, KTJ & CARLY are expanding their sound without compromising what has already been built. “Shitty People” is a perfect addition to the collection of storytelling that KTJ & CARLY have under their belt.

Their EP “Ego Death” was released prior to their first headlining tour in the summer of 2022. “Shitty People” is the first release for their next body of work, expected for release this summer.


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