Nessa Barrett Delivers an Incredible Performance at Terminal 5 Radiated Confidence, Power, & Raw Emotion

Nessa Barrett on stage at Terminal 5

When Nessa Barrett began putting out music with her single “Pain” in 2020, she became one of the first on a list of TikTok influencers that would start a musical journey. While many content creators have been known to move into music, only a small group of them have dared to venture into the alternative and emo subgenres.

However, attention quickly moved off of her music and toward her personal life. TikTok drama can’t be kept a secret for long in Los Angeles. Rather than people talking about her music, they talked about her relationships. Nessa joined the ranks of talented female artists whose careers would begin to be reduced to their dating history.

It was clear from the beginning that her music was going to be filled with genuine and deep emotion – not boy problems. She poured herself into the work, opening up about her experiences with mental illness including Borderline Personality Disorder and an eating disorder. Her honest approach to songwriting gave her an edge over her competition. She wasn’t letting the industry decide her next move… instead she was driven by authenticity in her life.

That ability to tap into her feelings became incredibly evident with her release of the hit single “die first” in 2022. Nessa dedicated the track to her best friend, another social media personality named Cooper Noriega, who had passed away just before the song’s release, but we’ll come back to that.

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